So long, Eastern hempisphere
It's been real!

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The South Korean leg of my ‘grand tour’ has come to an end. I’m currently sitting in the Korean Airlines lounge in Seoul’s Incheon airport, a little exhausted, yet so grateful & happy that I’ve been able to spend the past 6 weeks in California, Australia, & South Korea.

This morning, I was in Jeju, and, in a couple of hours, I will board a flight to Atlanta, where I’ll get to spend the next 10 days or so celebrating Thanksgiving and spending time with my family.

Jeju flight to Seoul Jeju Air: new standard (ahem)

Incheon airport Incheon airport

It’s been an incredible trip, but I’m excited to relax in a more familiar territory & hang out with the family!

I put together this 1 Second Everyday video mashup that takes photos & 1 second video clips from the past couple of months and mashes them together in a single video. Check it out!

Thanks for joining me through my posts on this blog! I will probably post a bit less regularly moving forward.

Here are a few posts from the past few days in Jeju I’ve just gotten around to posting: