Melbourne to Torquay

Tags: australia me food

I rented (or “hired”) a car via Oyo, which is like Zipcar, but is somehow related to Toyota (get it, “Toyota”), and I drove down to Torquay, a beautiful town on the beach about a 90 minute drive from Melbourne. I saw some lovely beaches, some gorgeous rolling hills, had some good food, and experienced some mediocre fast food. Plus I got to hang out with Rob and his family!

Rental car I rented a Toyota C-HR Koba AWD to drive down to Torquay. Here it is at a service station on the highway.

Fast food A rather disappointing chicken sandwich and fries.

Airbnb My airbnb was dope!

The beach at Torquay The beach was just a few minutes walk from my airbnb.

Rob & Rob I got to hang out with my old friend Rob, who moved from Atlanta to Torquay several years ago with his family.