A visit to the Victorian Parliament
Lots of street art, a queen's seat, and some food and drinks

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I had a lovely breakfast at Rustica in Fitzroy, followed by a late morning espresso at Aunty Peg’s. I walked around a bit in Fitzroy and had a mid-afternoon visit to the Victorian House of Parliament, which was pretty neat. I got to see where Queen Elizabeth sat to open Parliament back in 1954!

I had a delicious dinner of dumplings & chicken at Hutong Dumpling House and a couple of cocktails at Bar Americano and Over Board, which were dope.

Rustica Rustica

Aunty Peg’s SL-28 Espresso Aunty Peg’s SL-28 Espresso

Three heads Three heads

Sitting Sitting

Mailbox face Mailbox face

Eye Eye

Dog Dog

Dalek Dalek

Brush strokes Brush strokes

Parliament: the Queen’s seat Victorian House of Parliament: only the Queen or her governor can sit here

Bar Americano Bar Americano: Stefan made me a negroni & a brooklyn

Hutong Hutong: Xiao long bao and dry chicken in hot chili

Crisp Crisp

Above Board martini Above Board: owner Hayden made me a martini