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I had a lunch of “Dill-icious” pork dumplings and garlic cucumber salad with a homemade lemon iced tea at Shandong Mama Mini. I walked down to the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) International to see the KAWS exhibit, along with a few other things in the permanent collection, before heading to the NGV Ian Potter museum focused on Australian art.

After the walking & the sight-seeing, I treated myself to some cocktails at Eau de Vie in the Central Business District and Black Pearl in Fitzroy. For dinner, I enjoyed a scrumptious pizza at Capitano.

Dumplings and cucumbers Shandong Mama Mini: garlic cucumber salad and dill-icious pork dumplings

KAWS sculpture KAWS sculpture

KAWS “Waiting” “Waiting” by KAWS (I saw a larger version of this in Greenpoint, Brooklyn last week.

KAWS Simpsons Simpsons by KAWS

KAWS Snoopy Snoopy by KAWS

KAWS Companion Companion by KAWS

KAWS in a room KAWS sculpture in a traditional room

KAWS selfie KAWS selfie

NGV Australia NGV Australia

NGV Australia NGV Australia

Eau de Vie: Bitter Stripper Eau de Vie: Bitter Stripper

Black Pearl: Martini
Black Pearl: Hendrick’s Martini with a twist

Capitano: Asparagus Pizza Capitano: Asparagus Pizza